2016 COED Ladder Results

Durand, Tamara No carNo one-use bottlesGresko, Gene Aug-56-0,6-0Other
Stieber, Frank No one-use bottlesRojas, Guido No one-use bottlesAug-46-3,7-6Marcey Road
Jones, Mark No carNo one-use bottlesGrace, Michael J Aug-47-6,7-5OtherLong, competitive match; great fun
Fetterman, Michelle No one-use bottlesBremenstul, Lew No carNo one-use bottlesAug-36-3,6-1OtherNice match! We had a lot of fun points and close games
Perez, Pablo No carNo one-use bottlesOgrodnik, Robert Aug-36-7,6-3,6-2OtherShirlington Community Courts
Kinderknecht, Kyle No one-use bottlesVan Atta, Darrick No one-use bottlesAug-36-2,6-1Walter Reed
Miller, Jenny No one-use bottlesd hollander, juliette No one-use bottlesAug-26-3,6-3Marcey Road
Jones, Mark No one-use bottlesBremenstul, Lew No carNo one-use bottlesAug-26-0,6-0OtherPlayed on a nice night in Fairlington
Kinderknecht, Kyle No one-use bottlesEffio, Timothy No one-use bottlesAug-14-6,6-1,6-3Bluemont
Hafer, Thomas No one-use bottlesSeggerman, John No one-use bottlesJul-306-1,6-3OtherPlayed at Arl Y - no air conditioning - worse than outside
Kinderknecht, Kyle No one-use bottlesKapelski, Cory No one-use bottlesJul-306-4,6-1Other
Schneider, Allan No one-use bottlesJones, Mark No carNo one-use bottlesJul-306-3,2-6,6-2OtherMatch played at Falls Church Community Center until 2-1 in the 3rd set when we got booted off and had to go over to Cherry St.
McHenry, Reid No carNo one-use bottlesSchulze, DeMark No one-use bottlesJul-306-3,6-2OtherWe just managed to squeeze this match in between rain storms.
Tam, Dave No one-use bottlesGrace, Michael J No one-use bottlesJul-296-6Bluemont
Jones, Mark No carNo one-use bottlesGrace, Michael J No one-use bottlesJul-286-1,6-2Other
Perez, Pablo Leach, Kirk Jul-267-5,6-4Other
Kinderknecht, Kyle No one-use bottlesKlemperer, Helmut Jul-266-1,6-0Towers
Kinderknecht, Kyle No one-use bottlesVan Atta, Darrick No one-use bottlesJul-256-4,6-4OtherTC Williams HS
Tam, Dave No one-use bottlesLedesma, Vernon No carNo one-use bottlesJul-256-4,6-1Quincy
Rojas, Guido Herlihy, Craig Jul-246-3,6-4Marcey Road
Herlihy, Craig Rojas, Guido Jul-243-6,4-6Marcey RoadHot, can you stop global warming?
Bremenstul, Lew No carNo one-use bottlesTravers, Matt No carNo one-use bottlesJul-236-1,6-4OtherFairlington
Hafer, Thomas No one-use bottlesKlemperer, Helmut No one-use bottlesJul-236-2,6-1Bluemontnice and warm today
Stieber, Frank No one-use bottlesLedesma, Vernon No carNo one-use bottlesJul-226-2,3-6,6-2Quincy
Schneider, Allan No one-use bottlesKlemperer, Helmut Jul-226-2,6-2OtherMatch played at the Falls Church Community Center
Jones, Mark No carNo one-use bottlesGrace, Michael J No one-use bottlesJul-217-5,6-2OtherMany long points; got our money's worth
Rojas, Guido d hollander, juliette Jul-206-0,6-2Other
Stieber, Frank No carNo one-use bottlesBremenstul, Lew No carNo one-use bottlesJul-207-5,6-4OtherPlayed at Fairlington
Jones, Mark No carNo one-use bottlesTravers, Matt No carNo one-use bottlesJul-196-1,6-0Bluemont
Kinderknecht, Kyle No one-use bottlesVan Atta, Darrick No one-use bottlesJul-196-2,6-3OtherTC Williams HS
Anderson, Lawrence Berehan, Abraham Jul-182-6,6-4,7-3OtherThe score 7-3 was the result of a seven point tie-breaker.
Schulze, DeMark No carNo one-use bottlesAmbrose, Jack No one-use bottlesJul-16DefaultBarcroftToo hot out; different, cooler day, different result
Kinderknecht, Kyle No one-use bottlesOgrodnik, Robert No one-use bottlesJul-166-1,6-4Otherjefferson district
Rogers, Brad Seggerman, John Jul-166-1,5-7,7-6Other
ahmed, babar Voth, James Jul-156-4,6-1OtherIndoor fun match
Klemperer, Helmut Ogrodnik, Robert Jul-157-6,6-3TowersAlways fun playing against Bob. Looking forward to a rematch!
Bremenstul, Lew No carNo one-use bottlesGresko, Gene Jul-156-1,6-1OtherFairlington
Jones, Mark No carNo one-use bottlesGrace, Michael J No one-use bottlesJul-156-1,6-4OtherMark hasn't lost any consistency since last season
Janson, Rob No one-use bottlesLeach, Kirk No one-use bottlesJul-147-5,6-1Other
Hafer, Thomas No one-use bottlesCalise, Bobby Jul-147-5,6-1Other
Effio, Timothy Ambrose, Jack No one-use bottlesJul-137-5Bluemont
Janson, Rob No one-use bottlesPolseno, Tom No one-use bottlesJul-136-2,7-6Other
Stieber, Frank No one-use bottlesPint, Eliana No one-use bottlesJul-126-4,6-2Bluemont
Landes, Nina Pint, Eliana Jul-126-3,5-7,7-5Bluemont
Kapelski, Cory No one-use bottlesVan Atta, Darrick No one-use bottlesJul-106-1,6-0OtherTC Williams courts are in GREAT shape.
Lanteigne, Natalia No one-use bottlesMiller, Jenny No one-use bottlesJul-106-1,6-2Yorktown
Travers, Matt No carNo one-use bottlesGrace, Michael J No one-use bottlesJul-102-6,6-3,6-4Bluemont
Bremenstul, Lew No carNo one-use bottlesHerlihy, Craig Jul-106-2,7-5OtherFairlington
Stieber, Frank No carNo one-use bottlesBremenstul, Lew No carNo one-use bottlesJul-96-2,6-3OtherPlayed at Fairlington
McHenry, Reid No one-use bottlesVan Atta, Darrick No one-use bottlesJul-96-1,7-5TowersTough conditions made for some scratchy tennis today.
Ledesma, Vernon No carNo one-use bottlesDean, Jeffrey No one-use bottlesJul-86-1,2-6,6-2Bluemont
Fetterman, Michelle No one-use bottlesBrowning, Alice No carNo one-use bottlesJul-86-1,6-0BluemontAlice has a great game! Look forward to playing again!
Lesniak, Justin Calise, Bobby Jul-71-6,6-4,6-4Bluemont
Voth, James ahmed, babar Jul-66-3,3-6Glebe3rd set tiebreaker
Ogrodnik, Robert Fetterman, Michelle No one-use bottlesJul-56-4,6-2TowersFun match, Michelle played well coming to net and putting points away.
Pint, Eliana Grace, Michael J Jul-41-6,6-3,6-3BluemontLong match that beat the rain. Could have gone either way.
McHenry, Reid No carNo one-use bottlesSchulze, DeMark No one-use bottlesJul-26-3,6-4OtherPerfect day for tennis. I got lucky and caught DeMark on an off day.
Schulze, DeMark No one-use bottlesCalise, Bobby No carNo one-use bottlesJul-26-3,7-5OtherBroke in the new Fairlington court!
Klemperer, Helmut Seggerman, John Jul-26-3,6-7HayesJohn is always tough. He elevated his game in the second set, which had no service breaks. Played a tie break in lieu of 3rd set
Stieber, Frank No carNo one-use bottlesGrace, Michael J No one-use bottlesJul-26-3,6-3OtherFairlington
Anderson, Lawrence Berehan, Abraham Jul-26-1,2-6,6-2Other
Ogrodnik, Robert Curcic, Mile No one-use bottlesJul-17-5,2-6,7-5OtherPlayed at TC Williams High School. Mile is really a strong player with a lot of endurance.
Ledesma, Vernon No carNo one-use bottlesBerehan, Abraham Jun-307-5,7-6Bluemont
Van Atta, Darrick No one-use bottlesOgrodnik, Robert No one-use bottlesJun-296-3,5-7,6-4Towers
Janson, Rob No one-use bottlesGresko, Gene No one-use bottlesJun-296-1,6-1Other
Jones, Mark No carNo one-use bottlesTam, Dave No one-use bottlesJun-276-4,6-3Other
Janson, Rob Travers, Matt Jun-276-3,4-6Other
Ledesma, Vernon No carNo one-use bottlesBremenstul, Lew No carNo one-use bottlesJun-266-2,6-3OtherFairlington
McHenry, Reid No carNo one-use bottlesHafer, Thomas No one-use bottlesJun-264-6,6-3OtherIt's always a tough fight against Tom, and today was no different, two and half hours in the heat. 10-4 in the match tiebreaker.
KANCHAS, GYTIS Briscoe, Peter Jun-256-4,6-7Otheralways a tough match against Pete, he had me on the ropes the whole time
Schneider, Life No one-use bottlesd hollander, juliette No carNo one-use bottlesJun-256-4,6-3Marcey Road
Pierce, Greg Travers, Matt Jun-256-1,6-2Other
Stieber, Frank No carNo one-use bottlesBremenstul, Lew No carNo one-use bottlesJun-256-0,7-5OtherPlayed at Fairlington
Lesniak, Justin No carNo one-use bottlesLedesma, Vernon No carNo one-use bottlesJun-246-0,6-0Bluemont
Kapelski, Cory No one-use bottlesahmed, babar Jun-236-2,6-4GlebeHalf the lights were out on these courts, you could still play, but there were some tough shadows.
Klemperer, Helmut Schneider, Allan Jun-227-5,6-4OtherFinally got to take one match from Allan. This one was very close with many twists and turns in momentum.
Calise, Bobby Barnes, Shannon Jun-226-1,6-1Other
Fetterman, Michelle No one-use bottlesPint, Eliana Jun-226-3,3-6WakefieldAnother epic match vs Eliana. I somehow squeaked this one out, but the tiebreak score was 11-9 so it could have gone either way
McHenry, Reid No one-use bottlesahmed, babar Jun-197-5,6-1GlebeReally fun and competitive match on a beautiful day. Babar's net game gets better every time we play.
Grace, Michael J No one-use bottlesPolseno, Tom No carNo one-use bottlesJun-196-1,6-4BluemontTom has a flat hard first serve and challenging topspin second serve. Score doubtedlessly will be closer next time.
Stieber, Frank No carNo one-use bottlesLedesma, Vernon No carNo one-use bottlesJun-197-6,4-6,6-2OtherFairlington
Curcic, Mile No one-use bottlesDuBose, Josh No one-use bottlesJun-187-5,7-5BluemontFun, tight match!
Jones, Mark No carNo one-use bottlesPolseno, Tom No one-use bottlesJun-182-6,6-2,6-1Madison Manor
Calise, Bobby Seggerman, John Jun-166-3,6-4Towers
d hollander, juliette No carNo one-use bottlesGresko, Gene Jun-156-1,6-1Marcey Road
Stieber, Frank No one-use bottlesLedesma, Vernon No carNo one-use bottlesJun-157-6,6-1Quincy
Fetterman, Michelle No one-use bottlesTravers, Matt No one-use bottlesJun-156-3,6-3BluemontGreat match! We had really fun, strategic points.
Ledesma, Vernon No carNo one-use bottlesFetterman, Michelle No one-use bottlesJun-136-3,3-6,6-2Bluemont
Travers, Matt No carNo one-use bottlesGrace, Michael J No one-use bottlesJun-116-7,6-3,6-4Bluemont
Pierce, Greg Anderson, Lawrence Jun-116-2,6-2Other
Ledesma, Vernon No carNo one-use bottlesHerlihy, Craig Jun-116-4,6-1Bluemont
Stieber, Frank No carNo one-use bottlesDean, Jeffrey No one-use bottlesJun-96-3,6-2OtherPlayed at Fairlington
KANCHAS, GYTIS No one-use bottlesVan Atta, Darrick Jun-96-1,7-5WakefieldLights at Wakefield need to be adjusted, they come on too late (after 8:30pm)
Pint, Eliana Barnes, Shannon Jun-86-0,6-0Other
Klemperer, Helmut Dean, Jeffrey Jun-86-2,6-1BluemontLights on court #4 need repair
Calise, Bobby Klemperer, Helmut Jun-76-3,7-5OtherPlayed at Fairmont
Uscinski, Dan No one-use bottlesSeggerman, John Jun-76-3,6-2Bluemont
Ogrodnik, Robert Pint, Eliana Jun-46-1,6-2Kenmore
Kapelski, Cory No one-use bottlesMcHenry, Reid No carNo one-use bottlesJun-46-4,6-2Other
Fetterman, Michelle No one-use bottlesGresko, Gene Jun-26-2,6-1TowersGood match!
Van Atta, Darrick No one-use bottlesCalise, Bobby No one-use bottlesJun-12-6,6-2,6-4Other
Stieber, Frank No one-use bottlesLedesma, Vernon No carNo one-use bottlesJun-16-2,7-6Quincy
Effio, Timothy Hafer, Thomas May-316-2,6-4Bluemont
Stieber, Frank Travers, Matt May-286-2,6-1TJ
Klemperer, Helmut No carLedesma, Vernon No carNo one-use bottlesMay-266-3,6-3QuincyFun match!
Miller, Jenny No carNo one-use bottlesSchneider, Life No carNo one-use bottlesMay-256-2,4-6,7-6OtherCherry St.
Schneider, Allan No one-use bottlesGrace, Michael J No one-use bottlesMay-206-0,6-0OtherMatch played at Falls Church Community Center
Pint, Eliana d hollander, juliette May-206-2,6-0Other
Kapelski, Cory No one-use bottlesCalise, Bobby No one-use bottlesMay-196-3,6-0Other
Schneider, Allan No one-use bottlesBachman, Bryson May-196-4,6-1OtherMatch played at Cavalier Trail Park
Schneider, Life No one-use bottlesGresko, Gene No carMay-186-2,6-0Other
Miller, Jenny No one-use bottlesSchneider, Life No one-use bottlesMay-164-6,6-1,6-1TuckahoeGreat match!
Stieber, Frank Pint, Eliana May-157-5,6-3Bluemont
Ledesma, Vernon No carNo one-use bottlesTravers, Matt May-156-4,6-2Quincy
Grace, Michael J No one-use bottlesHerlihy, Craig May-146-4,6-2BluemontI couldn't get my racquet on some of Craig's hard forehands. Great match on a beautiful morning.
Miller, Jenny No one-use bottlesGresko, Gene No carMay-146-1,6-1OtherWe saw the sun! It was fabulous! Fun tennis too. :)
Schneider, Allan No one-use bottlesKlemperer, Helmut May-136-4,4-6,6-2OtherMatch played at Falls Church Community Center
Pint, Eliana No one-use bottlesFetterman, Michelle No one-use bottlesMay-132-6,7-5,6-4OtherGreat match, Michelle forced me to get out of my confutable zone. Her mental tuffness combining with strategy made dificult to
Pint, Eliana Lanteigne, Natalia May-127-5,6-4Other
Schneider, Allan No one-use bottlesDuBose, Josh May-97-5,4-6,6-0OtherMatch played at Cavalier Trail Park in Falls Church.
McHenry, Reid Effio, Timothy May-9DefaultOther
McHenry, Reid No one-use bottlesOgrodnik, Robert May-96-7,6-1,6-3YorktownA fun match with Bob on mercifully dry day. Bob was kind enough to play on short notice.
Ogrodnik, Robert Van Atta, Darrick No one-use bottlesMay-96-2,1-6,7-6BluemontReally exciting match. Darrick played amazing in the 3rd set, coming back from 1-5 to force a Super-Tiebreak in the 3rd set.
Ambrose, Jack Hafer, Thomas May-86-1,6-1Kenmore
Landes, Nina Barnes, Shannon May-86-4,6-3YorktownWindscreens need to be ziptied again
Klemperer, Helmut Herlihy, Craig No carMay-86-4,6-3Bluemont
Lanteigne, Natalia No one-use bottlesGresko, Gene No one-use bottlesMay-76-1,6-2Other
Pint, Eliana PALACIOS, MONICA May-56-0,6-2OtherBlueMont
Seggerman, John Leach, Kirk May-46-0,6-0Other
Kapelski, Cory No one-use bottlesOgrodnik, Robert No one-use bottlesMay-46-1,6-2Wakefield
Klemperer, Helmut Fetterman, Michelle No one-use bottlesMay-36-2,6-3TowersNice match with some good rallies. Great to get the match in, given the horrible weather we've had lately.
Schneider, Life PALACIOS, MONICA Apr-306-4,3-6,6-1Bluemont
Calise, Bobby Stieber, Frank Apr-306-0,6-2Other
Travers, Matt No one-use bottlesGresko, Gene Apr-306-2,6-0Other
Van Atta, Darrick No one-use bottlesDean, Jeffrey No one-use bottlesApr-296-0,6-0Bluemont
Matsko, Mark No one-use bottlesSeggerman, John No one-use bottlesApr-296-2,6-2OtherIt was a nice, rainy day -- indoors at Arl Y.
Smith, Paul Kiel No one-use bottlesMcHenry, Reid No carNo one-use bottlesApr-276-0,6-1Otherbring a broom to every location... the bigger broom the better. pass it on. baking soda kills cancer. cancer is a fungus. 100%
Van Atta, Darrick No one-use bottlesSeggerman, John No one-use bottlesApr-276-1,6-2OtherArl Y courts
Kapelski, Cory No one-use bottlesWray, Will No one-use bottlesApr-271-6,6-4,6-2BluemontGreat match to start the year off.
Klemperer, Helmut DuBose, Josh Apr-266-4,7-6BluemontGreat match that could have gone either way.
Pint, Eliana No one-use bottlesMiller, Jenny No one-use bottlesApr-266-1,6-0Bluemont
d hollander, juliette No carNo one-use bottlesMiller, Jenny No one-use bottlesApr-252-6,6-1Marcey RoadGreat match! We should play again soon!
Herlihy, Craig Anderson, Lawrence Apr-246-0,6-2Other
PALACIOS, MONICA Gresko, Gene Apr-247-5,6-4OtherSuch nice day to play, great game!
Hafer, Thomas No one-use bottlesSchneider, Allan No one-use bottlesApr-236-0,6-0Bluemontbeautiful day - where was everybody?
Smith, Paul Kiel No one-use bottlesBriscoe, Peter Apr-216-1,6-1GlebeBring a big broom to the old glebe rd courts. far court net is too low. middle court is best
Leach, Kirk Reichert, Amy Apr-216-1,6-3Other
Pint, Eliana Fetterman, Michelle No one-use bottlesApr-206-4,6-0Other
Ogrodnik, Robert Perez, Pablo No carNo one-use bottlesApr-197-5,2-6OtherPablo and I had a great match at his courts in Shirlington. The 3rd set tie-breaker was close at 10-7
Wray, Will Reichert, Amy Apr-196-2,6-1Bluemont
Kenney, Con No one-use bottlesTravers, Matt No one-use bottlesApr-176-2,6-2Gunston
Miller, Jenny No one-use bottlesPALACIOS, MONICA Apr-176-0,6-2Madison ManorFun match on a beautiful day!
Perez, Pablo Klemperer, Helmut Apr-176-1,6-3Other
Schulze, DeMark No carNo one-use bottlesVan Atta, Darrick Apr-176-3,7-5BarcroftA little distracting out there but a great day to play! Thanks for the invite!
ahmed, babar Voth, James Apr-166-4,4-6,7-6Other
Ogrodnik, Robert Jones, Mark No carNo one-use bottlesApr-166-3,6-2TuckahoeTuckahoe courts are looking great.
Pint, Eliana Lanteigne, Natalia Apr-167-6,6-1Other
Pint, Eliana Durand, Tamara Apr-157-6,6-4Othervery long second match match point was the longest I ever played at the ladder
Leach, Kirk Jones, Mark No carNo one-use bottlesApr-86-4,6-2OtherArlington Forest
Flatness, Lanae Sirabella, Michael Apr-76-0,4-6Kenmore

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