Looking for a Match!

Reply to people below wanting a ladder match or click “Looking for a match!” and leave your name, skill level, preferred place and time. When someone replies, you will get an email. For example:

“Umang, 4.0, looking for a match today around 5”
“Hi Umang – want to play at Quincy? Pat”
“Sure Pat, see you there”

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  1. Jason Schechter on Jul 27, 4:18 pm

    Looking for a match sometime in the evenings after 6pm, or weekends anytime. Located in Pentagon City near Virginia Highlands Courts but can also drive. 4.5/5.0 player. Email me at jschechter@gmail.com

  2. Michael J. Grace on Jul 12, 10:01 am

    Male 3.5 Ladder player seeking to play a match on the Ladder or otherwise morning of this coming Sunday, July 17, starting as early as you’re willing. Please contact michaelj.grace@verizon.net

    • Mike Orrick on Jul 14, 11:03 am

      If you’re still looking for a match, I can play early Sunday, 9am? I’m about a 3.25

  3. Mile on Jul 11, 10:50 am

    4.0 looking for a match this evening after 630. Email me or text at 703 597 1544

  4. Alice Browning on Jul 7, 7:39 pm

    New to Acta, previously avid tennis player, but rusty. Self rate as 3.5/4 and looking to get in some hitting time or a match this weekend, anytime after 4 pm at the Falls Church/Arlington courts or nearby. Txt 218-831-2426 if interested.

  5. Bobby on Jul 4, 2:25 pm

    Apologies for “abusing” the message board, but does anyone know where/how I can rent a ball machine around Arlington?

    Also, I’m a 4.0/4.5 who is available most weeks Tues-Thurs to play in or around the Fairlington area if you’d like to play in the next few weeks. Thanks.

  6. Vernon on Jun 28, 8:52 am

    3.5 looking for an opponent for an ACTA ladder match for tomorrow (6/29), daytime or evening. Email me or text at 202-532-5667.

  7. Ash Miller on Jun 24, 2:37 pm

    Please call (202) 480-5072. Live in Old Town Alexandria

  8. Ash Miller on Jun 24, 2:37 pm

    looking for a hitting partner this weekend.Beginner player

  9. Mile on Jun 16, 1:17 pm

    4.0, new to ACTA ladder, looking for a match in the next few days. I’m open on weekday evenings and weekends any time.

  10. Lew on May 22, 6:55 pm

    I am new to the ACTA ladder, and I can play Wed or Fri evening this week at 6pm on the Fairlington community courts. Please contact me if you are interested.

  11. Vernon on May 20, 10:49 am

    3.5’r looking to play an ACTA ladder match today at 7PM. Call or text 202-532-5667

  12. Frank on May 19, 11:00 am

    Any early birds free to play Friday (May 20th) at 6am? I’m in Fairlington but can travel to any Arlington court.

    Frank (3.5)

  13. Peter T. on May 15, 3:41 pm

    3.0/3.5 (depending on the day:-) looking to play this Saturday the 28th at 9:30 am or 3:00 pm at the Virginia Highlands courts.

  14. Dejan on May 13, 9:12 am

    Sky will open and sun will make it through later on today!
    Someone for a best out of 3 setter?
    I am 3.5 player, can meet you at any court after 7pm.

  15. Bobby on May 4, 1:52 pm

    Looking to play during one weekday next week. Not sure if people are still using this message board to book matches (or if it’s just all the rain) but I’m a 4.0-4.5.

  16. Bobby on Apr 27, 3:31 pm

    Frank, you can email me at bobbycalise@gmail.com. Sat at 9 at the NFCC is perfect.

  17. Frank on Apr 26, 12:30 pm

    Ok. I’m in North Fairlington. The courts near me at Buchanan St are so-so. I can meet you at 9 at the north Fairlington community center courts. Or I can go to your courts, either is fine.

  18. Bobby on Apr 26, 11:21 am

    Bobby, 4.0/4.5, looking to play Saturday (4/30) morning, preferably in or near Fairlington.

    • Frank on Apr 26, 12:03 pm

      I’m in Fairlington. I can do Saturday morning. I’m a 3.5 so I’m probably a step down but I’d be happy to play.

      • Bobby on Apr 26, 12:09 pm

        Frank – I’m up for a match in Fairlington on Saturday at 9. The courts near me in the Arbor are just okay. Are the ones near you any nicer?

        • Frank on Apr 26, 6:13 pm

          I’m in North Fairlington. I can meet you at the N Fairlington community center at 9 or at your courts. I’m fine with either.

  19. Josh DuBose on Apr 25, 1:02 pm

    Looking for a match this week 5:30 – 9pm in Arlington

    4.0 / 29 yo

    email: joshuadubose@gmail.com
    cell: 912-674-2939

  20. Helmut on Apr 25, 12:08 pm

    Anyone up for a ladder match tomorrow (Tuesday) or Wednesday?

  21. Tom P. on Apr 23, 9:34 am

    4.0 (at best) seeking matches or just to hit at Bluemont evenings, weekends.

  22. Nina Landes on Apr 22, 3:51 pm

    Looking for a ladies 4.0 singles match.
    email: ninachenlandes@gmail.com
    cell: 703-539-2986

  23. Cooper on Apr 18, 1:01 pm

    4.0-5.0 male looking for hitting partner/match play. Live and work in Arlington.

    email: cooperjamessmith@yahoo.com
    text: 858 610 4364

  24. Josh DuBose on Apr 15, 10:18 am

    Is anyone available to play this evening (Friday)?
    I’m available from 4-9pm and live in Falls Church.
    4.0 / 29 yo

  25. Frank on Apr 15, 4:55 am

    Looking for a match Sunday morning (Apr 17th). I am in Fairlington but can travel. 3.5-4.0.

  26. Nicholas Oris on Apr 13, 2:39 pm

    Looking for a hitting partner or some match play.
    -30 year old usta 4.0-4.5
    -call, text, or email if interested
    703 869-0574 noris1424@gmail.com

    • Josh DuBose on Apr 15, 10:16 am

      Is anyone available to play this evening (Friday)?
      I’m available from 4-9pm and live in Falls Church.
      4.0 / 29 yo

  27. Bobby on Apr 11, 2:34 pm

    Bobby, 4.0/4.5, looking to play Saturday (4/16) morning.

  28. Michael on Apr 6, 8:03 pm

    3.0 – 3.5 looking to hit around Bluemont week nights or weekends.

    • Tom P. on Apr 23, 9:35 am

      I’m also near Bluemont – lmk if you’re available post-rain this weekend.